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Sleazymichael - 12:36 AM on Aug. 29, 2014  [ message ]
PLEASE BE AWARE - I fibbed slightly - Attended Stop Making Sense 2014 - however as it was not listed here I 'blagged' that I attended SMS 2013 - ALL the images that are shared here ( unless otherwise stated ) are from SMS 2014 - and here is my 'review'
Yes I so agree with ‘this has been our best clubbing experience abroad ever’
For me without question this was my all time fave clubbing experience –PERIOD – NO CONTEST.
Why? Everything – the OUTDOOR location – with a brilliant stage backing onto a beautiful sea bay – the boat parties OMG! The first day I am swimming then straight onto the boat still in my speedos! – the stage in the woods BRILL – all the DJ’s were perfection – I applaud the organizers you had EVERYTHING planned to perfection.
The 600 CROWD – you were ( with the notable exception of one little PR*CK told him he was not my type – and would NEVER bare my arse for him! ) so wonderful – made loads of friends – and to be declared mascot of the festival ( er no idea why! Was just being myself ) was a very humbling experience.
There are so many moments I will treasure – too many to recall here – OK just four to share 1) One of the six boat parties ( next year I am so grabbing all of them! ) I joined it was everyone chanting ‘Michael we love you!’ just blew me away. 2) Meeting and getting to know six stunning young guys who not only declared me as our FIRST gay friend ( er what is the opposite of a fag hag? ) – and on the last night at the FANTAB outdoor nightclub Barbarella’s ( sound system out of this world ) all cradled me for a photo – beat that! 3) At the same club being beckoned by the DJ’s to join them to the stunned reaction of security that was mind blowing 4) Finally a lovely family I met with four kids at the festival and then joining me for a day cruise.
The sound systems were brilliant – the Croatian people so charming AND stylish.
Anja Schneider from Belgium – you were pure clubbing heaven – just mind blowing – up there with Dimitri from Paris.
Special thanks to my lovely friend of all things ‘Get Diverted’ Rob Alldritt – oh we go back a long way – New Years Eve 2013 I grabbed the poster off the toilet wall for SMS 2014 – and the rest is history – I only knew Rob & Severino from the DJ line up but that did not matter I just vibed this would be my kinda music – a perfect extension of OK – Now I will finally nail my rainbow colours to FB – of my fave club in London Brixton Club House ANYTHING Get Diverted or Slide – which I have always described as the most ‘Gay friendly STR8 ( what the fcuk is that? ) club in London’ – So much of SMS 2014 reminded me of this club – PERFECTION on every level .
Rob your SMS Debut was terrific lovely to meet your partner & friends also that you did back to back with Anja Schneider was inspired – you so need to get Anja over to Get Diverted – she is so up there with Dimitri from Paris.

If you have never been to ‘Stop Making Sense’ and want to enjoy the best clubbing experience abroad – I implore you to book for SMS 2015 – TRUST ME! & ‘JFDI’ – ‘Just Fcuking Do It!’
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