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Rewind Scotland

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Festival Details
Category: All 2013 >> UK >> Scotland
Location: Scone Palace, Perthshire  
Dates: 26-28 July 2013
Website: rewindfestival.com
Description:If you like 80s retro pop then you've hit a winner here.
This started in Henley and was so popular they've taken it to Scotland as a sister festival.
The acts are a mixture of bands reformed and remodelled with a few new members.
There is glamping for the older festival goer, which is another word for posh tents that have been put up for you.
The Henley event is quite middle class with strawberries and champagne prevalent, but as for the Scottish arm, we'll have to wait and see.
Great to see a stellar line up of old veterans that can still make it on stage.
The Earl of Mansfield has kindly opened his doors for this event. It is a beautiful setting for a weekend of revival.

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Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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