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Festival Details
Category: All 2013 >> Europe >> Croatia
Location: Youth Island, Lake Jarun, Zagreb  
Dates: 24-26 June 2013
Website: t-mobileinmusicfestival.com/en
Description:This is the biggest Croatian music festival and hosts a myriad of stars.
Set beside a beautiful lake with a campsite that opens two days before the event and closes two days after, you can really make a holiday out of this one. There's plenty of time to get your bearings and no hurry to leave.
The capacity is for 30,000 and there's heaps of different music to keep your eardrums tickled.
There are 3 open air stages and 3 night tents.
Travel networks are cheap and well run in Croatia, so getting there is not a problem.
As Croatia continues to be a popular holiday destination, the quality of the music festivals is ever on the rise.

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Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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