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Festival Details
Category: All 2012 >> Europe >> Norway
Location: Traena  
Dates: 5-7 July 2012
Website: trena.net
Description:The most remote festival on the planet. In fact this is within the Arctic Circle. You have to get a boat there and Bogo and Helgeland are the best departure points. The backdrop scenery is quite spectacular and some say the true headliner is Mother Nature.
Due to its location food and drink can be quite expensive so take a well stocked rucksack to avoid overspending.
The blagging rights are immense if you've done this one. Not many can say they've partied at the top of the World.
10th anniversary so expect something good.

Traena 2012 Ratings   
Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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