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Festival Details
Category: All 2012 >> Europe >> Russian Federation
Location: Kazantip  
Dates: 29 July - 19 August 2012
Website: kazantip-republic.com
Main Acts:Chucky, Mia Twin, Darkface, Sam Cox, Chocomix, Tom Tec, Last Call
Description:This is not a festival. This is a project and my gosh it's immense.
Hold onto your hats and prepare to join the Kazantip Republic, because this baby has it's own philosophy, rules and not many limits.
It lasts for about 3 weeks and the artist line up is staggeringly good.
The tiny KaZantip Republic exists in a parallel reality, and everything here goes the way the PreZident came up with: "summer all year round" and "life with no pants". The sun is shining, the sea is swinging, the music is singing on every side and the wind is always blowing strong enough for flying with a kite. You can do nothing, if you want nothing to do with doing something or you can do everything you want the way you want it.
This small land of the rising fun is peopled not with damn boring grown-ups, but with cheerful bronzed lazybones, not really eager to say goodbye to their childhood, as well as their PreZident himself. The nonexistence of the KaZantip Republic for the rest of the exhausted world makes its significant independency. It lives by its own constitution; it has its own great nation, small president and lolable government, responsible for the most important things in the state, such as sound and light, love and good humour, virtual deeds and illusions. There is also a visa regime, a bureau of customs, national traditions and the official religion - belief in the reality of miracles.
It's on the beach, not far from a disused nuclear power station. It's nuts. It's worth a look if you think you're robust enough.

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Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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