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White Noise

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Festival Details
Category: All 2011 >> UK >> England
Location: Firebug, Leicester  
Dates: 26-29 May 2011
Website: whitenoisefestival.com/
Main Acts:Sisterland, Arms of Atlas, Without Fire!, These Furrows, Logfox
Description:Celebrating the Leicester music scene, this is 4 days of independent music at Firebug, a respected venue.
You must get a weekend ticket. This encourages people to see as many bands as possible without just popping in to see their mates play.
It is curated by local musicians and there is a staggering amount of bands to see.
All profits go to charity.

White Noise 2011 Ratings   
Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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