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9:00 pm stadthalle was the place to be, because Crystal Fighters, an Indie/Electronic band from Spain, startet the night in this area. They combined different styles of music, from Folk to Dubstep. It was a welcomed alternation, to see a good band, not allday just electronic music of the tables. After this gig we went to PPC to see some drum and base acts. We couldn‘t get in because we got in trouble with one security, which was very unnecessary. He killed our caprice for this day. tomorrow is another day...

In the daytime, you can get inspiration of some artists. We vistited the session with scott hansen better known as iso50 or tycho, who talked about his design career and how he manages the step between music and design stuff. Its very nice to get a personal introduction from an artist, how he works and whats important for him.

click here to see some artwork

In the evening, we went to stadthalle to see apparat, they played a lot of new stuff. There melancholic music made the people stop, stare, listen and sway left and right to the intense music. Afterwards we watched the performance of yelle, a girlie-electro-pop-band from france. their frontgirl jumped and danced in different outfits all over the stage. It was a big contrast to apparat. They invited their audience to dance and wonder about the good looking aerobic girl.

After 4 days partying its time to say goodbye

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We visited the springsession with Evan Roth from France, called Open Source, Viral Media and Art That Isn't Boring.

He spoke about the importance of viral media and how it relates to the arts. Different types of Urban hacking, personal interactive art and Lightgraffiti are things he likes to do. Evan Roth is a very interesting person, who wants to spread his work in a free way. Graffiti research labs were founded by him, now it takes over in different countries all over europe.

One of the most impressive things he created for his paralyzed friend, was an eyetrack to write graffities with.

In the evening after waiting long time for the shuttle bus, which never came, we went to helmut list halle, it's a bit afield from the innercity. Caribou & Band offered an amazing gig.

The hall was filled up with people and a big sound system. Their sound was great, but sometimes the boxes collapsed. Afterwards Jesse Rose went on with his live set, but most off the people wanted to change the location. The organisation of the shuttlebusses wasn‘t that good as said, because there was just one bus, for about 200 people...

After getting the bus(about an hour waiting) we went to PPC where dorian concept was improving to his freaky beats by syntheziser and keyboard. On the second floor Dj Feadz from France did some nice remixes. The location was well crowded. Our next stop was Dom in Berg where Jesse Rose and Riva Starr did a good job. We went there, because of Huoratron, who missed his flight to Graz, so his gig was canceled.

What a pity. Postgarage was our last stop, where dOP lightened up with his performance.

When the birds were already giving their concert, we went home with a nice memorie at the back of our minds.

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After checking the timetable, we choose to go to Dom in Berg where LOGO, Isolée, Carte Blanche, and Aeroplane offered a nice start in the opening day.

Elaborate beats from Deepminimal to Microhouse. The atmosphere was nice as always.

The appropriate visuals were served by OchoReSotto, which are well known visual artist from Graz.

Meanwhile the opening concert took place in Helmut-List-Halle, were some german Electro/Pop/Punk/ Bands, like Neodisco, Egotronic and Frittenbude shook the hall. Atari teenage riot were headlining this location.

Oliver Koletzky, a german Dj and Producer of electronic dancemusic and house, made the people shake at Postgarage on the first floor and the optical refinement were provided by the creative brothers of Rhytmus 42.  The mysterious Dj Duo SNUFF crew, offered a great show with fancy masks, like mexican wrestlers, on the second floor. Their sound is mainly influenced by House old school, Italo Disco and Acid House.

Lexy finished this evening with nice remixes. All in all it was a great evening, but the beerprices could have been more socialy...

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Today is the big opening, so far we checked our passes and try to plan a bit, what bands, which location.... very difficult, a lot of music all the time. the opening concert is going to be at helmut list halle, where attari teenage riot looks attracting to us. ISolée and LOGO, some fine electronic music, will show up at Dom in Berg. The visual art will be done by OchoReSotto, which i am also curious about. In the morning Aeroplane will also play in dom in berg(which is one of my favourite locations ins Graz). But more to come tommorow. we will see where we get floated.
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