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Festival Details
Category: All 2011 >> Europe >> Montenegro
Location: Velika Plaza  
Dates: 12-16 August 2011
Website: sonica-dance-festival.eu/
Main Acts:X Dream, Dickster, Tristan, Ace Ventura, Total Eclipse (DMT)
Description:Psytrance festival with a mixture of art and dance culture thrown in the mix.
Some great international acts and a good level of production ensure a very fat weekend.
Good to see Montenegro join the festival circuit, and this one is 80km from the capital and close to the port of Bar.
There are plenty of performing arts and a healing zone for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Sonica 2011 Ratings   
Music and Entertainment Food, Facilities, Toilets, Security, Camping
Beauty, Nature, Sustainability, Setting Value for Money
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Comments about Sonica 2011
locodan11 - 10:54 AM on May. 28, 2011
Hello everyone,
My name is Daniel, I am from Italy, and I send you this mail to ask a favour, even a bit of help. The situation is this: I bought a ticket for the Sonica festival of August, but I have had some big family problems recently wich also concern the economic aspect, and thus will not be able to participate.
For this reason, I am trying to retrieve the money, because now I need it so much.
The people from Sonica Organization have told me that the only way now is to find a person who wants to go to the festival, and to substitute his name with mine (would be less than a resale, but under their authorization).
If someone would be interested you'd be saving my ass!
Thanks so much everyone, i really hope you will be able to help me, since this hole thing is tearing me apart.

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