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Disappointing overall. After arriving at a lovely setting but in bad weather (can't blame the organisers for that) I remained optimistic....however: The entertainment was average, they ran out of any decent ales even though this was plugged as something that they would excel in and the toilets were pretty horrible (even if a few of them did flush). The security guards were lazy and after paying £1...50 for a pod in the main stage we were either unable to access it because other festival goers had 'crashed' it or had to keep turning people away back into the rain as there was no security to be seen (see above). This was a generally unpleasant experience each time.

After complaining to Jim Driver about this he promised to refund £50 of the £150 but seems to now be ignoring my emails after his last response reneging on the promise and offering a concession on next year's festival.

Sorry Jim, I'm not impressed. I won't be going next year for all the reasons stated above. When you finally got a decent band on (The Real Jam), their set was cut short - to the crowd's dismay and anger, plus I don't like being ripped off. You promised great ales for your slightly older crowd but you couldn't deliver...the bar staff in the arena were completely clueless. Pretty much all the entertainment stopped at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights yet there was an old school rave going on on the Sunday night till 2.30 am - what was the thinking on that one?

Generally, poor organisation, poor value for money, and as one of my friend's teenage children said - "This should be called 'Worstival'".

So that's 11 of us that won't be going next year....

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