Read all about it. What was good, bad or indifferent about Parklife Weekender 2011

7:59 PM Jun. 16, 2011 - 1092 views - 0 comments
I only got a ticket just for the Saturday at Parklife because the line up was far stronger in my eyes than on sunday. This turned out to be the right choice as sunday it did not stop raining! The main reason I felt the saturday line was stronger was because of the Crosstown rebels tent, supporting some the biggest DJs currently gracing the house music scene. I knew I would spend of lot of time there, but actually ended up spending so much time there I did not see anyone else! This is the first time ever that I have spent the whole day in one tent, which is credit to the crosstown rebel crew. However before a long day of dancing I did have a wonder around. The festival itself was fairly small, with not a lot going on that I could see other than the main stage, 7 or so music tents, food stalls and of course toilets. But being a weekend festival with a stellar dance music line up and no camping, punters would not have been looking for anything else than just to dance the day away.
Like I said I spent all of my day in the crosstown rebels tent. The Highlights were up and coming Art Department (who also played in Bristol later that night and gave my friend Fred a lift down, such cool guys I gather) and Jamie Jones, the crosstown boss really rocking the crowd. Seth Troxler also got the crowd going with stage dive right at the end of his set. All in all I had a smashing time at Parklife and providing the line up next year is as good as it was this year, I shall be there with bells on.
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