Kaya is perfect.
1:36 PM Jun. 7, 2013
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Kaya Festival, situated in the beautiful location of North Wales is an amazing festival that celebrates diversity, music and the arts. The location of the site is surrounded by rolling hills, snow covered mountains and luscious countryside as far as the eye can see. This year although I personally expected rain rain and more rain [standard wales] we were delighted by scorching sun every day, perfect for bimbling about the site and checking out all of the african clothing markets out and the other fun and games that are on offer.

This festival brings you a vibrant mix of performances, workshops, colours and cultures showcasing arts, crafts and music with headline performers from all over the globe, not only showcasing international artists; but also the best of local Welsh talent.

I'd highly recommend this festival to EVERYONE. Not only is it perfect for all types of music, including dub, salsa, reggae, rock and more, but it has loads of fun bits and pieces for smaller children...and big kids! The site is just one field and a reasonable size which allows parents to feel safe allowing their children to wonder about the site with friends. Although there were only three music stages, there was enough good music to keep you happy, personal favourites were definitely Afrika Bambaataa, Drymbago, The Dub Pistols, and the Trojan vs JStar Sound Clash!

The atmosphere was wonderful and everyone I met had a story to tell and a big grin from ear to ear.

I'll be going again next year.

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PaulE3D - 10:10 AM Sep. 29, 2014  
Kaya Weekender review - Kaya festival 2014 - I'm putting this comment here as it was quite hard to find this review, in fact I only saw it on Facebook despite having googled for "Kaya weekender review" and Kaya festival review" and even adding the years 2012, 2013 and 2014! So I hope that others may find this a bit easier now after I've added a few keywords. It is relevant because some people search for reviews of this small local festival and cant find it! 2013 was definitely the better year, some things could have been improved in 2014 (new ownership and new festival layout meant a few glitches) but lets hope and things will be back to normal and that Kaya Festival returns bigger and better for Kaya 2015! Woop see ya there :)
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