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Hungary Festivals in 2011 (2 festivals)
 Ozora, Hungary
 Logic Bomb, Fearsome Engine, Green Nuns, X Dream, Sphongle, Tristan
Psytrance gathering with just about everybody playing. If you like Boom and Vuuv you'll find yourself at home here. This festival was born in 1999 when there was a total eclipse in Hungary and they staged a monster party to celebrate the event. It was such a success they decided to put it on [ more... ]
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 Obudai Island, Budapest, Hungary
 Prodigy, 2manyDJs, Kate Nash, Chemical Bros., Prince, Pulp, Dizzie Rascal
The thing that makes Sziget Festival stand out is its setting: stranded on an island in the middle of the Danube as it slowly loops around Budapest, it’s another impressively located Eastern European summer music festival. You know this one is popular just by the fact that their website comes in 10 [ more... ]
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