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Sweden Festivals in 2011 (4 festivals)
 Arvika, Sweden
 Hocico, Covenant, Kite, DayDin, The Girl and the Robot, Code 64
Originally a synth pop festival but has since broadened its horizons and now caters for a more diverse visitor. Attracts around 16,000 people each year and has many local bands. Electro pop, goth rock and grunge can be found here. They recently made a TV ad with a young lady apparently [ more... ]
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 Falkoping, Sweden
Sweden's only ambient music festival and it's set in a stone age village. No joke, this is like going back to another era. It's quirky, intimate and completely shanti vibe. You will come back from this one refreshed, reborn and having seen a real grass roots festival. Grab a glimpse [ more... ]
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 Joensuu, Sweden
This festival comprises of a park area and a beach. There is quite a bit of walking to do so take sensible, worn in shoes. There a recycling points everywhere and car sharing and public transport are encouraged. It is a very green affair. Rokki, as the event is informally known, has grown to be [ more... ]
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 Solvesborg, Sweden
 Joan Jett, Ozzy Osbourne, Saxon, Judas Priest
An ancient town surrounded by sandy beaches plays host to a rock festival. Strange but true, and there are camp sites and B&Bs nearby to rest your head. Just about everyone has played this festival, from ELO, ZZ Top to Motorhead and beyond. It started in Karlshamn but has relocated to Havsbad [ more... ]
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