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Romania Festivals in 2010 (4 festivals)
 Tunari, Romania
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 50 km from Bucharest, forest area, Romania
 Wareika, Elektro Guzzi, Rhadoo, Dinky (live), Matthew Styles, JT Donaldson
Iarmaroc Fest is a big reunion of music and art, where people from all over the place come together for days of good party and positive vibe in the woods. It is the gathering of various music styles and arts, an introduction into the contemporary way of living and partying, a communication field for [ more... ]
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 Iron Gate Natural Park, Berzasca, Romania
 Elysium, Darkology, Indica Project, DiMiTrip, Dina & Shev
A weekend of outdoor bliss. Fluffed up days and psychedelic nights. Set in a national park, you'd find it hard to locate a better place to get away from it all. The Danube flows through on its way to Serbia. One of those festivals which is likely to expand into something bigger and lose its [ more... ]
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 Complex Turistis Strei, Simeria Veche, judetul Hunedoara, Romania
Summer Break Festival will take place on the 9/10/11 of July, celebrating its 5th edition in 2009. The festival is located in the Western part of Romania, on the premises of Camping Strei, a beautiful open air venue near the river with the same name. The accessibility is very good due to its [ more... ]
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