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Poland Festivals in 2011 (6 festivals)
 ul. Focha/ 3 maja/ Piastowska, Kraków, Poland
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 Aviation Museum, Kracow, Poland
 Kanye West, Editors, Kid Cudi, Interpol, The Kooks
Well as you correctly guessed this live music festival has a rather large sponsor. There is a Coke Clinic with make over artists and masseurs for a bit of pampering. There's a fake beach to chill out on and watch the main stage, and of course there are some major artists playing live. [ more... ]
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 Jarocin, Poland
 Bad Religion, Acid Drinkers
This event started in the 80s and was hugely popular. It was shut down in '94 after riots and clashes with the police. There are two main stages and it has quite a rock and metal feel to it, although you'll find blues, folk and punk. [ more... ]
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 Katowice, Poland
 Primal Scream, Explosion!, Glasser,Mogwai, Gang of Four
Eastern European festivals have many things going for them. They still maintain that innocence and vibe that has been sadly lost in the UK saturated market. They are great value for money and daily costs are vastly reduced. Budget flights are widely available and if you travel light, it can be [ more... ]
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 Gdynia-Kosakowo Airfield, Gdynia, Poland
 Coldplay, Prince, MIA, Kate Nash, Fat Freddy's Drop, Foals, Primus
This was voted best major festival in 2010, so expect something pretty good. The main sponsor is Heineken so there will be branded stage and plenty of beer. The festival runs a coupon system so make sure you buy enough at the reception area. There are cash machines and 24hr restaurants onsite. [ more... ]
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 Katowice, Poland
 Lamb, Mary Anne Hobbs, Modeselektor, Darkstar
Having just won the European Festival Awards' "Best Small Festival" it's probably worth a trip to Poland to check this out before it gets too famous. The event takes part in the ruins of the coal mine and the music selection is avant garde and off the wall. Last year's [ more... ]
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