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Norway Festivals in 2012 (3 festivals)
 Oslo, Norway
 DJ Harvey, Four Tet, Idjut Boys
Similar to Midem this is a major nightclub & live music experience by night and a conference by day. However this is the Nordic music version, with breaking bands and artists. Scandanavia has always been fairly cutting edge so I doubt you'll be disappointed with the smorgasbord of music up [ more... ]
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 Tromoya, Norway
 Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, Beirut, Ed Sheeran, Dropkick, Rise Against
This is the largest music festival in Norway and children under 12 are admitted free. It takes place on the fantastic island of Tromoya just outside Arendal in southern Norway. Hove strives to be an environmentally neutral festival with both buying carbon offset quotes for all power and [ more... ]
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 Traena, Norway
The most remote festival on the planet. In fact this is within the Arctic Circle. You have to get a boat there and Bogo and Helgeland are the best departure points. The backdrop scenery is quite spectacular and some say the true headliner is Mother Nature. Due to its location food and drink can be [ more... ]
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