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Austria Festivals in 2011 (7 festivals)
 Green Park, St Poelten, Austria
When I lived in Austria I could not touch the dial. My radio was stuck on FM4 and for good reason. It rocked, and still does (check out it's live stream online). Once a year this radio station put on a proper festival for it's listeners and friends. It strives to be green and clean and can [ more... ]
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 Nickelsdorf, Burgenland, Austria
 Iron Maiden, Sysytem of a Down, Linkin Park, Vollbeat, Korn
Metal is back and taking Europe by storm. Austria is no exception, apart from the fact it probably never went out of style there. The mullet has been popular since the 80s and is still sported with pride. Well organised, clean site, good beer, decent wine, great sound system and plenty of campsite [ more... ]
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 Burgruine, Falkenstein, Austria
 Asterix, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Sun Project
They love a psytrance party in Austria. There's plenty of open space and few neighbours. The youth are open minded and unrepressed. The music comes with the territory. The old castle ruins play host to this 3rd birthday of bass, bleeps and kick drums. There is a market, workshops and no doubt a [ more... ]
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 Mayrhofen, Austria
 Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, Pendulum, Tinie Tempah, Magnetic man
It's a combo of winter sports, live music & DJs and more schnapps than one should really drink in a week. It's the Austrian alpine music festival that pushes the envelope. Tickets include accommodation, and you have various choices depending on budget. It has been described as the [ more... ]
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 Secret Location, Vienna, Austria
 Dino Psaras, Rinkadink, Digital Talk, Ital, Freakuliser
This is a goa trance party in the idyllic Austrian countryside. The acts are from all over and there are amasing visuals so you can trip the light fantastic. The venue is a kind of bronze age village, with authentic shacks and the atmosphere of an era forgotten. Children are not allowed. You must be [ more... ]
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 Graz, Austria
 Jungle Brothers, Aeroplane, Riva Starr, Evan Roth, DJ Koze, Bunny Lake
The beautiful city of Graz in the south east of Austria plays host to this festival of electronic music, which takes place in several venues. Inner city music is on the rise and Spring was one of the founders of this movement, and can boast some great names to have graced their stages. There's [ more... ]
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 Arena Nova Playgrounds, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
 Fatboy Slim, Paul Kalkbrenner, Carl Craig, Vitalik, Deadmau5
This baby has moved home from Burgenland to Wiener Neustadt which is the new town just south of Vienna. It celebrates all forms of electronic music and has a nice open air venue with no neighbours so it's quite noisy! There are 5 stages and the new venue boasts an incredible infrastructure to [ more... ]
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