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South America Festivals in 2011 (3 festivals)
 Kuna Yala, Panama
 Entheogenic, Dymons, R2, The Light Shifter, Crystal Monkey
Gorgeous beaches, crystalline waters, astonishing coral reefs, boat trips, jungle adventure, pacha mama at her best. Tribes of the world dancing and celebrating together the miracle of life and the beauty of cultural diversity. At the same time, we help each other, pumping resources into the [ more... ]
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 San Marcos Sierra, Argentina
 Total Eclipse, Shadownese, JhUnix, Tranceluz, Aeternal
Psychedelic Trance Festival in San Marcos Sierras. Six days of bliss along the beautiful sierras in the heart of Argentina, under the full moon. [ more... ]
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 City of Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Shakira, Coldplay
Billed as the World's biggest festival and indeed this is a monster, attracting around 700,000 visitors. The venue is the future Olympic Village (for 2016) and the line up is staggering, with old veterans alongside the latest pop icons. It does not happen every year as the planning is beyond [ more... ]
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