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FarmFestival 2010 30th/31st July 2010

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Applications for Slots for Farm Festival.

Dates 30th/31st July 2010

If you wish to apply for a slot to play at Farm Festival this year, please send us a CD, preferably of a live performance. We are not too concerned with the quality; we are just looking for talent. Please include contact details, band/artist website, and contact person with phone number, band address and email.

We prefer CDs because they can be easily passed from one member of the team to another. We will let you know when your CD arrives with us. (Please don’t send it registered mail, because we don’t always get to meet the postman.) We will log it on our ‘Bands 2010’ database so we don’t lose track of it, and (we have to say this because not all festis do this), we always listen to everything that’s sent to us. Usually, more than one person in the team will listen to your stuff to try and compensate for bias.

The process of putting our schedules together may take a little while. Whereas we will try to answer all questions, we won't be able to tell you whether you have got a slot before we are ready to publish. But we will try to let you know either way.

You can reach Peter either through me on this site or at, alternatively you can phone him on 0778 721 7884.

The address to send CDs to is:

Farm Festival,
Downs Farm House,
North Brewham Nr. Bruton,
BA10 0JW.

We have no preferred style of music, hopefully, we are now big enough to have good audiences for all styles. For 2010, we are aiming for an additional stage in another marquee, bringing the total to four stages.

If you have any enquiries, please contact either myself on  or Peter either by email, or by phone.


The Farm Festival Team

Also - for anybody interested in volunteering and helping us run FarmFestival 2010, please contact me on - many thanks for those who have been in touch all ready - I will be in touch

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